Our mission is to inspire today’s youth as well as future generations to chase after their dreams. With our hard work we aim to become successful and iconic in the fashion industry while motivating future generations to reflect a positive and lasting impression in the world.

Yumm Clothing is Designed To Inspire.

Yumm was founded in October of 2013 in Oakdale, CA by CEO, Robert Barnhart (the Yumm God) with the vision of designing fashionable streetwear and promoting a positive lifestyle. With the success of our brand, we will prove that anything is possible through perseverance. We aim to motivate our youth as well as future generations to become Young Icons and to work towards achieving greatness while encouraging their peers to do the same.

Why Yumm?
Yumm is symbolic of great taste and an exceeding of expectations.

Once an item is sold out, it will never be remade.